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The color of the company's logo is red, green and blue, which means that the sea has the ambition of accepting hundreds of rivers. It can accept and attract various talents, gather together for common development, and jointly create a new world of business. The deep blue also signifies the blue sky, promotes the idea of clean energy and environmental protection, and echoes the mission of the Chinese electrician to “giving people a bright and warm atmosphere, but also natural blue water and blue sky”.

The logo consists of a capital letter GEW, which stands for GREEN ENERGY WORLDWIDE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. C signifies the lighting industry to which we belong. At the same time, Lightning represents energy, meaning passion and positive spirit. It is the driving force for China Lighting to go abroad and establish itself in the world. Being dynamic and energetic, it means that GEW people are full of passion, and with the fiery passion and enthusiasm for work, the company is rolling forward and continues to grow.

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